On February 16, 2006, in Brussels, the participation of Greece in the Intergovernmental Initiative of the UN GEO (Group on Earth Observation) was announced, following the decision of the Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT). GSRT and its supervised entity, the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), established the Greek GEO Office (GGO), to be hosted by NOA, as the main representative of Greece in GEO and as the focal point for EO at the national level, to coordinate GEO relevant activities. GGO is currently one of the few national Offices in the world.

GGO functions since the beginning of 2007 and its operation focuses on the effective participation of Greece in the national, regional, and global activities, under the framework of GEO and GEOSS.  In recognition of the substantial role that the Office needed to play in the upcoming years, Greece proceeded with a substantial restructuring of the GGO and its role, in May 2014. Since then, GGO has been active in several GEO working groups, organization of regional workshops, representation of Greece in international fora and participation in regional initiatives and projects, undertaking significant coordination and liaison roles.


  • Closing session in the 11th GEO EPW Helsinki
  • GEO-CRADLE in Cairo Regional Workshop
  • GEO-CRADLE in Cyprus Regional Workshop
  • Greek Delegation in GEO-XIII Plenary, St. Petersburg
  • Greek active role in flagship EU projects
  • GGO and Greek mission in the GEO-XIII Exhibition, St. Petersburg
  • 6th GEO Programme Board Meeting in Athens
  • 2nd South Eastern Europe GEO Workshop
  • The signed agreement of the first mirror site in Europe
  • GGO and NOA at the Space EXPO exhibition
  • 8th GEO European Projects Workshop

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