11th GEO European Projects Workshop


In the framework of this GEO European Projects Workshop GEO-CRADLE and GEO Secretariat co-organised a dedicated session on Wednesday 21 June, entitled “GEO capacity development, contribution to SDGs and realization of regional impacts derived from GEO European Projects”.

After the first part with a number of presentations setting the scene, there was a brainstorming session addressing the following questions:

a) What is the best way to contribute to GEO capacity development (through GEPs and beyond GEPs) for the coming 10 years GEO implementation plan?

b) What is the best way for GEO capacity development to contribute to the SDGs? c) Geographical diversification of GEO capacity development, knowledge and data sharing: what factors need to be taken into account and what is the best approach?

The last part of the session was a panel discussion with regional stakeholders, focusing on regional experiences and solutions assessment.