EuroGEO workshop - EGW2022

   EGW2022 Omadiki

The 2022 EuroGEO Workshop (EGW2022, 7-9 December) was concluded in Athens, Greece, few days ago!

It was a great success as reflected on all participants’ spirit, enthusiasm and active participation in sessions, discussions and side events. About 260 experts or friends of Earth Observation, mainly from Europe, but definitely not limited to it, and plenty of local stakeholders, were physically present in Athens, to design the future of EuroGEO.

“Towards an integrated and convergent EuroGEO” was the motto of this year’s edition and the workshop undoubtedly achieved to envision how to integrate EuroGEO’s research, tools and services to pursue specific converging targets that will enable being a champion in the post-25 GEO journey.  

All presentations are shared in the website as well as a photo gallery is created. 

Take home memories: the panoramic view of Athens while landing, the allied Greek sunny weather, the first sight of Acropolis at the lunch on the roof garden of our beautiful venue, the Greek food, the magic piano melodies during our dinner, the smile of the volunteers...

In the era of Covid-19, it seems that smile can also be “contagious”, so let’s all get “sick” with this positive attitude and make the difference in 2023 that is approaching.

On behalf of the local organizers