3rd South-Eastern Europe GEO Workshop, 4&5 June 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece


GEO-CRADLE organised the 3rd South-Eastern Europe GEO Workshop on the uptake of GEO and Copernicus, with emphasis on Climate Change, Food Security and Water Extremes, Raw Materials and Solar Energy.

Earth Observation (EO) data and services can support the informed implementation of numerous policies, help in addressing key societal challenges, contribute to achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and boost the EU economy’s competitiveness and growth. The importance of sustained EO data and innovative EO-based services becomes even greater in a period marked by the advent of Big Data – spearheaded by Copernicus free, full and open data policy, and the emergence of new business models. In this context, GEO-CRADLE has set out to develop a Roadmap for the improved implementation of GEO/GEOSS and the increased uptake of Copernicus in the Balkans, Middle East and North Africa. In this direction, the 3rd South-Eastern Europe GEO Workshop offered a prime opportunity for key players across the EO value chain (i.e. institutions, industry, users) to share their vision on long-term actions that will help to maximise the impact of EO and leverage EU investments!

The Workshop took place in Thessaloniki on 4 and 5 June 2018, kindly hosted by partner i-BEC.

The presentations of the Workshop are available here.