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We have exciting news! The Urban Heritage Climate Observatory (UHCO) is now featured in an eBook! UHCO: Protecting World Heritage properties through Earth observation

UHCO, as a GEO pilot initiative led by GGO and the UNESCO WHC, will convene its community to implement actionable solutions using EO for urban heritage in the face of climate change and help GEO to address its 4 engagement priorities.

Our recently published eBook promotes and communicates the vision and strategy of UHCO to mitigate climate change risks affecting World Heritage Cities globally, aiming at safeguarding the World Heritage properties by exploiting EO data, services, and technologies. In particular, it explores how UHCO is safeguarding the future of our planet’s most beautiful and historic locations, protecting World Heritage properties from the effects of climate change through Earth Observation.
Ιn the eBook, the initiative’s general framework, implementation, and action plan are thoroughly outlined, along with UNESCO selected good practices that integrate heritage conservation with sustainable development. UNESCO case studies and practical examples of heritage conservation can help contribute to a better understanding of the extent of the problem and the urgency required to find sustainable solutions. Further, the eBook describes the role of EO tools and services, aligned with international agreements for sustainable development, elaborating on how UHCO could contribute effectively to this effort.

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